The Florida Project - A Disney Podcast

339 – Ms. Marvel: Love and Thunder

July 21, 2022 TFP Podcast Network
The Florida Project - A Disney Podcast
339 – Ms. Marvel: Love and Thunder
Show Notes

Welcome to the latest episode of The Florida Project – the podcast where Disney fans celebrate Walt Disney World and all things Disney! In this episode, we’ll discuss some nonsense in small topics, Michael will give the latest news, Will will take us on a trip down Main Tweet USA, and then we’ll ask 10 questions about the newest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder and Ms. Marvel! All of that and more is coming up in this week’s episode of The Florida Project!

-- Recorded on July 22, 2022

Small Topics

  • Tyler asks: you're charged with removing a World Showcase country (thanks Cheapek), what country are you removing - and it can't be the African outpost since it strategically hides all of the boats.
  • Josh demands: Reimagine buzz light year space ranger spin. Can change anything except track layout. Reskin or total retheme. Must stay within tomorrow land aesthetic.
  • Disney is opening new franchises of their restaurants. Which restaurant do you hope is coming to your town?


  1. MagicBand+ to be Released This Week
  2. More Details Released for The Princess and the Frog Overhaul of Splash Mountain
  3. 2022 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
  4. More Pre-Pandemic Experiences Return to Walt Disney World

Main Tweet U.S.A.

  • National Treasure Edge of History

Discussion Topic

  • 10 Questions About Thor: Love and Thunder and Ms. Marvel

Upcoming Episodes

  • TBD (next week)


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